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General Risk Warning

1. How to learn the risk warning involved in cryptocurrency?

CoinCRED has mentioned all the risks involved in cryptocurrency in its "Terms of Use". Also, the terms in this notice clarify all the policies and regulations made for each CoinCRED service.

2. Services of CoinCRED

Each service of CoinCRED has different risks, and the CoinCRED Terms provide information about the threats linked with CoinCRED services.

All the threats/ risks are not fully explained in the notice of CoinCRED. After understanding the Terms of Use, we inform you to make all decisions to avail CoinCRED services at your own risk.

3. Trading & Transaction Fees

All the transaction fees and costs are already mentioned on the CoinCRED site, which may fluctuate at any time. CoinCRED will update you with the latest charges. Please note that before getting involved in the CoinCRED trading and transaction services, you get aware of all the fees.

4. Market Challenges

Cryptocurrency investment and trading incorporates excessive price volatility and is subject to high market risk. The fluctuation in the value and volume of digital assets occurs too rapidly without any alert. The return amount can rapidly go too high or too down. Chances of not getting your investment amount can also happen in the crypto market.

Also, note that the previous market conditions/activities can never indicate your future performance.

5. About the Tax and Legal Advice

CoinCRED distinctly informs you that taxation and legal guidelines on Cryptocurrencies are uncertain. It can be imposed on any of the services of CoinCRED in your region/country anytime or may not. You are responsible for determining and paying the taxes and following the regulations and legal advice if urged on CoinCRED services.

Also, CoinCRED does not take any responsibility for acknowledging you with any such taxation rules or regulations. Yet, if you want to discuss such impositions on CoinCRED trading and transactions, you can coordinate with the CoinCRED support team.

6. Information delivered by CoinCRED

CoinCRED provides notices, announcements, risk warnings and other cryptocurrency information based on facts and figures. No information is delivered based on personal advice or team opinions about CoinCRED's services.

CoinCRED is not accountable for any decisions you made to use any CoinCRED services. Users are solely responsible for their services' investment, trading, or risk involvement.

7. Security Threat

We cannot remove all the risks involved in any of CoinCRED services. Please note that the users are solely responsible for retaining the password of their CoinCRED account safe and keep their transaction data anonymous to others.

8. CoinCRED Activity Control

CoinCRED does not monitor your investment and trading activities in any way. CoinCRED or any of its team does not work as a mediator or advisor to do transactions or availing CoinCRED services. Nobody monitors the users’ activities or compels them to use services.

It is completely up to the buyers, sellers and traders whether they want to initiate or continue their trading on CoinCRED.

9. Risk In Liquidity

Cryptocurrencies enlisted on CoinCRED exchange may have limited liquidity deposit funds. Due to which you may face hurdles in trading at any price, also such issues can occur at any time.

10. External Party Risk

Please note that financial institutions, legal bodies, custodians or any third party may be involved in CoinCRED services and their involvement can be uncertain at any time. If any such bodies are connected to the CoinCRED services, you may be subject to follow their Terms and Conditions while using the same.


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