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What is the transaction fee on CoinCRED?

Transaction fee on CoinCRED will be 0% with terms and conditions. The 0% transaction shall only be applicable for the first 5 trades by the new users. Afterward 0.25 % transaction fee will be levied.

Is there any deposit fee?

There is no deposit fee on CoinCRED App.

What is the withdrawal fee?

There is no withdrawal fee on CoinCRED.

What is the maximum withdrawal limit on CoinCRED per day?

Currently, the per day withdrawal limit on CoinCRED is 120.76 USD.

My fund deposit got rejected. What should I do now?

Make sure you have enough balance in your account. Besides that, it normally takes 7 to 10 business days to refund back the debited amount from your account. If the funds are not refunded in the mentioned time frame, then kindly raise the ticket with your bank statement since the deposit date.


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