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What is the minimum trading amount?

You can start your crypto journey with a minimum of 1 USD on CoinCRED.

Why am I not able to fund deposit/withdrawal?

Such issues may occur due to an additional verification check on your account. Please reach out to our customer support team to rectify the issue.

How much amount of credit limit can I avail?

CoinCRED allows you to take up to 50% of the Invested value.

For Ex. Your Invested amount is 1,00,000 USD then you can avail of credit up to 50,000 USD.

Why is the buy/sell option disabled on my account?

Whenever such an issue occurs from the technical hand, it will be notified on the homepage of the app. In case, we do not update you regarding it and yet you are facing this issue, you may raise a ticket to our support team.

What happens if I don’t pay the credit amount for 30 days?

If the user constantly fails to pay back the amount of credit till the 30th day from the date on which the credit amount was added to your wallet, then the lien will be imposed on the amount.

After that such due amount will be recovered from your wallet balance to clear the due amount with an additional 10% penalty charge.

Can I withdraw the credit amount?

No, you can’t withdraw the credit amount nor you can withdraw your actual invested amount until the credit amount is settled.


CoinCRED is safe and simple to create a strong portfolio

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